25. Mai 2024

Aus dem Urlaub zurück: Wäsche, Garten, Kram wegräumen. Meine Erkenntnis: Je verrückter, realitätsferner und komplexer, desto weniger ist die Wonder-App geeignet.

Heute also wieder getimg.ai mit dem Modell RealVis XL V 3.0 und dem Prompt „Create an image in the style of Rembrandt depicting a bear family dressed like humans, returning from a vacation by car. The bear parents and their children, all wearing elegant, human-style clothing, are getting out of a fully packed car on a forest road. In front of the car, there are several suitcases and travel bags stacked. The scene should feature the warm, dramatic lighting and rich textures characteristic of Rembrandt’s paintings, with a picturesque forest in the background to add a touch of serenity.“

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